Since 2000, We have served thousand of owner to transform their idea to reality. Provide excellent craftsmanship to our client.

In 2012, Carpentry work is no longer as an single individual work. Since then, We not only efficiently streamline the process of manufacturing, but also consolidate the knowledge of building construction and interior design.

Our Research, Design and Development not only enable a good product to be born, but also systematically improve the overall efficiency to produce, deliver and install the in well condition.

Beside that, our team gratefully provide service and consultant regarding to any related issue. Provide guideline and drawing for the progress also become the foundation of applying GRACE® products.

Receive feedback from our client, learn through the process and any possible channels is essential for us to keep GRACE® competitive and provide high grade and affordable products.


The Team of Grace

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Meet The Team




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  • The leader of the team, the leader to promote company's product to whole Malaysia.

  • 30 years  in construction industry, experience in project management and consultancy, contracted countless projects and have countless resources and connections relationship in Malaysia states.

  • Always look after every details in construction.

  • Interest - Amateur golf single handicap player, A champion of few tournaments.





  • 35 years experience in design, research, production and manufacturing.

  • Experienced in OEM production to well-known supplier around the global.

  • Considerable experience in the application of carpentry works.

  • Skillful in wooden product surface finishing, Flat Lamination, Profile Wrapping, Membrane Vacuum Press, Coating apply technology.

  • Interest : Calligraphy

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Share the goodness to the society with our products and services provided.


BEYOND Carpentry ,  Driven by Craftmanship.


  • To be responsible to the society especially for our employee, client, supplier and the stateholder.

  • To continue to serve client in depth, providing quality and promising services in order to establish long-term relationship.

  • To provide affordable, flexible, systematic solution and its product to the customer.

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